Miriam Sentler (b. 1994) is a visual artist, working mainly within the fields of installation, video and artistic research. Born in Germany but residing in the Netherlands, she holds a Bachelors degree from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL) and a certificate in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of Arts London (UK) and is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (NL). Since graduation in 2016, she has been undertaking several artist residencies in the Arctic Circle, Italy and Belgium, and has been exhibiting in various group exhibitions in galleries and art spaces across Europe. She is also one of the co-founders of artist collective Now/here, which aims to build a platform for recently graduated artists and writers by publishing their work though an online zine.


"Miriam Sentler uses video and installation art as storytelling devices, through which she attempts to convey particular moments experienced during her travels. Her work often starts with a fascination triggered by an encounter and followed by the in-depth contextual research. In this way, Miriam embeds her own experiences and memories in a broader framework of cultural history. In her works, however, she manages to elude didactic exposition by balancing out the real and fictional elements, as befits a skillful storyteller. Miriam is interested in the human interaction with landscape, framed – in the Western tradition – by the ideas of orientalism and colonialism. She attempts to reinvent the notions of ‘travel’ or ‘discovery’ by experimenting with different modes of storytelling, which encourage the audiences, the collaborating artists, and finally the ‘travelling objects’ to tell their own stories."

-Alicja Melzacka, independent curator, for 'KRIEG: Elite 18' exhibition catalogue




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