Miriam Sentler



Flintstone Fields (2017) 

performance, gathering

collaboration with artist Krista Smulders and historian Martin Poesen


On the old tennis court in the pit, a game has been organised for the first time since the closing of the old quarry. One of the ways in which the factory was able to attract employees in the past, was the wide range of social and sporting activities they were able to offer. The Enci's tennis courts were unique, since tennis used to be a sport only played by the rich ones hundred years ago, and they pioneered in building own tennis courts for their employees. The tennis court in the pit still exists up to this day but is very little used and also partly grown.


During an afternoon, visitors got the unique opportunity to play on these tennis courts in team tricots designed and made by artist Krista Smulders. To bring a humorous ode to history, the team tricots refer to dinosaurs, Neanderthals, Romans, and factory workers: all different groups who have been known to have lived here and which dominate the history of this place. The court is sprinkled with a fine layer of gravel that refers to the sea that has been here millions of years ago. During the game, the footsteps and traces of the visitors became visible.

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