photo by Greta Rybus


Miriam Sentler
born in Germany, 1994, based in the Netherlands



2012 - 2016                Bachelor Fine Arts (BFA), cum laude, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL)
2017 - 2017                Certificate Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University London (UK)
2018 - 2020              Master Artistic Research (MA), University of Amsterdam (NL)  

Artist in Residence

2017 La Wayaka Current, Arctic Residency, Sørøya (NO)

2018 RAVI, Liége (BE)

Group exhibitions

2016 'U Turn' at MKE Barcsay Hall, Budapest (HU)

2016 'Graduation show' at Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht (NL)

2016 'Best of graduates' at Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

2016 'Changement du perspective' at Biennale L’image Possible, Liège (BE)

2016 'Fresh Cacao' at de Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL)

2016 'Young Masters' at Media Art Festival, Leeuwarden (NL)

2017 'Realities Revised' at B32, Maastricht (NL)

2017 'Marres Currents: Running Time' at Marres, Maastricht (NL)

2017 'Slow Accident' at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL)

2017 'Open studio' at LWC Arctic Residency, Sørøya (NO)

2017 'Out of the blue II' screening in The Chapel, Brussels (BE)

2017 'Solastalgia' (during art and research project Transition Zone) at AINSI, Maastricht (NL)

2018 ‘Museumnacht’ at Natural History Museum Maastricht (NL)

2018 'Ouverture des Ateliers' at RAVI, Liège (BE)

2018 'Exploded view pilot' at Parco Regionale dell' Appia Antica, Rome (IT)

2018 'L'Art pour elkaar' at Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL)

2018 'Elite 2018' at KRIEG Hasselt (BE)

current and upcoming: 

2019 ‘Artistic Research’ at Neverneverland, Amsterdam (NL)

2019 ‘Exploded View’ at Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome (IT)

2019 ‘TBA’ at Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam (NL)

Nominations and grants

2016 Young Blood Award - Gallery Ron Mandos (NL)

2016 Henriëtte Hustinx Award (NL)

2016 Young Master Award (NL, ES)

2016 Grant of the Municipality of Maastricht (NL)

2018 Grant of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE)


2015/16 'After Dark' Artwork in public space at the Waldeckpark, commissioned by the municipality of Maastricht (NL)

2016/17 'Overgangszone' art and research project at ENCI factory, commissioned by SOME Maastricht (NL)


2014 New Dutch Photography Talent (published worldwide, print)

2016 Lost Painters - Eindexamen expositie MAFAD Maastricht 2016

2016 Kunst blijft een raadsel - MAFAD Maastricht Graduation 2016

2016 Lost Painters - Ron Mandos Best of Graduates 2016

2016 Jorik Galama - SSBA Salon (Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam) - Ron Mandos Best of Graduates

2016 Radio Helmond - 08/11/2016 Tegen de stroom in - Interview together with curator Julienne Tullemans

2016 E-flux 12/12/2016 - Marres Currents #4: Running Time

2016 Tique Art paper - exhibitions: Marres Currents #4: Running Time


2018 Finding a route through uninhabitable land, edition of 50, with graphic designer Lyanne Polderman.

2018 Nowhere collective - 01 In the bleak midwinter, online zine

2018 Nowhere collective - 02 Alternative histories, online zine


Guest Teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht

& co-founder Nowhere Collective.

2016 Kunst blijft een raadsel - Marres Currents #4: Running Time

2017 Tique Art paper - feature: Miriam Sentler: The horrific History of Erik Thorvaldsson

2017 La Wayaka Current - feature: Expedition 8, Arctic works, Miriam Sentler

2017 D!NG Magazine - feature: Four-year anniversary: Miriam Sentler (print)

2018 RTV Maastricht - 10/04/2018 Het beleg - Interview together with artist Charlotte Lagro

2018 Kunst blijft een raadsel - feature - de Leporello van Miriam Sentler

2018 RTV Télé Liége (BE) - Art contemporain: portes ouvertes aux residences RAVI, 29th of June 2018

2018 D!NG Magazine - feature: The Mobile Oasis project

2018 KRIEG Gallery Hasselt - Elite '18 exhibition cataloque