Miriam Sentler (b. 1994 Stolberg, DE, based in Rotterdam/Amsterdam, NL) is a visual artist and artistic researcher. Currently, she is completing her research MA at the University of Amsterdam (NL). Her work has been exhibited internationally with a.o Gallery Ron Mandos Amsterdam (NL), Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture Maastricht (NL), KRIEG Gallerie Hasselt (BE), RAVI Liége (BE), Barcsay Hall Budapest (HU) and MACRO Museum for Contemporary Art Rome (IT). In 2021, she will be an artist-in-residence at USF Bergen (NO).

Artist Statement

Departing from a strong site-specific perspective, Sentler mostly works within the disciplines of installation, video, and text. Her work deals with the shifting intra-actions of humans, animals and matter within contemporary landscapes, highlighting material and historical networks existing within places currently changing due to climate change, migration or industry. By using the notion of bricolage, as phrased by anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss in 1962, her work critically reviews the continuous interaction of the human and non-human, exploring contexts in which the boundaries between nature and culture are being blurred through the inference of myth, ritual and storytelling. The complex entangled histories of the industrial and natural objects within these landscapes are told through narrative installations, which are often carried out in collaboration with other individuals, scientists or the audience.

Kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund 


2018 - 2020                MA Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam (NL)  
2017 - 2017                Certificate, Goldsmiths University of Arts London (UK)    
2012 - 2016                BFA Fine Arts, cum laude, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL)        


2018 RAVI, Residences Ateliers Vivegnis International, Liége (BE)
2017 LWC Arctic Island Residency, Sørøya (NO)

Selected Exhibitions 

upcoming and current
2021 North Sea Protagonists, Visningsrommet USF Gallery, Bergen (NO) 2020, Postponed due to COVID-19 , new date TBA
2021 Residency at USF, The United Sardine Factory, Bergen (NO), 2020, Postponed to September- December 2021 due to COVID-19
2021 Artist talk at AARGH - Artistic Research Research Group, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, 5th of February 2021
2021 Exploded View II, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL) 22th of January - 8th of February 2021
2020 Festival of Imagination, Marl Quarry ENCI, Maastricht (NL) 17th of Oktober 2020

2020 Ecotones - Bodies in Tension, Graduation exhibition Master Artistic Research, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL)
2019  Exploded View I, MACRO Museum for Contemporary Art / Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome (IT)
2019  Printing Plant Art Book Fair, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (NL)
2019  Fairshare, CIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt (BE)
2019  Ten is for God, Neverneverland, Amsterdam (NL)
2018  Elite 2018, KRIEG Gallery, Hasselt (BE)
2018  'L'Art pour elkaar, Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL)
2018  Museumnacht, Natural History Museum, Maastricht (NL)
2018  Ouverture des Ateliers, RAVI, Liège (BE)
2017  Solastalgia, AINSI, Maastricht (NL)
2017  Open studios, LWC Arctic Residency, Sørøya (NO)
2017  Slow Accident, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL)
2017  Marres Currents: Running Time, Marres, Maastricht (NL)
2017  Realities Revised,  B32, Maastricht (NL)
2016  Young Masters, Media Art Festival, Leeuwarden (NL)
2016  Fresh Cacao, de Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL)
2016  Changement du perspective,  Biennale L’image Possible, Liège (BE)
2016  Best of graduates 2016, Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)
2016  Graduation show Bachelor Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht (NL)
2016  U Turn, Apprentice Master, MKE Barcsay Hall, Budapest (HU)

With Nowhere Artist Collective: 

2020 Group Exhibition ‘Objets Trouvés’, diverse spots in the city of Bruges, curated by Bert Puype. Bruges (BE)
2019 Digital Group Exhibition, ‘Letters from the South’ at The Wrong, Digital Art Biennale (WW)
2018 Zine Launch ‘Do you ', nowhere zine launch’ at SB34 The Pool, Brussels (BE)

Grants and Nominations

2020 Stipendium for Emerging Artists (Werkbijdrage Jong Talent), Mondriaan Fund, NL
2020 Grant of Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF Foundation and the Bergen Kommune Fund for Arts and Culture for USF Residency (NO)
2019 Grant of SIP for Exploded View (NL/IT)
2018 Grant of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles for RAVI residency (BE)
2017 Grant of the Mondriaan Fonds for ‘Overgangszone’ (NL)
2016 Nomination Young Blood Award - Gallery Ron Mandos (NL)
2016 Nomination Henriëtte Hustinx Award (NL)
2016 Nomination Young Master Award (NL, ES)
2016 Grant of the Municipality of Maastricht for ‘After Dark’ (NL)


2016 Commission by the municipality of Maastricht for Artwork in the Waldeckpark, Maastricht (NL)

2016-2018 Commission for Art & Research Project ‘Overgangszone’ by SIP & SOME, Maastricht (NL)

2018-2021 Commission by CLUE+, SIP and Zone2Source for Art & Research Project ‘Exploded View’, Parco Regionale dell’ Appia Antica, Rome (NL)


2020 Guest Teacher, Master Art History, University of Amsterdam (NL)

2017 - 2019  Guest Teacher, Propedeutic and 3rd year Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL)

Selected Press

2020 Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2020, published by Trichis Books, Breda.
2019 ‘De Overgang van Dorpen naar Meren.’ Publication essay, online and print, translated and edited by Brenda Tempelaar, Tubelight Magazine 111.
2019 ‘Op atelierbezoek bij Miriam Sentler’ Interview by Paul Voors, Kunstblijfteenraadsel.
2019 ‘Micro Art Initiatives #22: Het online zine Nowhere.’ Interview with Lotte van Geijn, Metropolis M.
2018 ‘Art contemporain : portes ouvertes aux résidences-ateliers Ravi.’ TV report by F. Bonivert for RTC Tele Liége, 29th of june 2018.
2017 ‘The Horrific History of Erik Thorvaldsson.’ published by Welmer Keesmaat for Tique Art Paper.
2017 ‘Four-year Anniversary Issue’ D!NG Art Magazine, London.
2016 ‘Ron Mandos: Best of Graduates 2016’ exhibition review by Jorik Amit Galama, SSBA Salon.
2016 ‘Ron Mandos; Best of Graduates.’ exhibition review, Niek Hendrix, Lost Painters.
2016 ‘Eindexamen expo ABK Maastricht’ exhibition review, Niek Hendrix, Lost Painters.
2015 ‘New Dutch Photography Talent’, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam. 

Artist Talks and presentations (selection)

2019 Artist talk at Printing Plant Art Book Fair, with Mariam Zulfiqar (chief Curator and Deputy Director, UP Projects London), Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (NL)

2019 Artist talk at MACRO, Museum for Contemporary Art Rome, with Exploded View Project (IT) 

2019 Artist talk at University of Oxford, organized by London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research,
Oxford (UK)

2019 Artist talk at CIAP Kunstverein, Hasselt (BE)
2018 Artist talk at Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome (IT)

2018 Artist talk at VU Archaeology department, funded by CLUE+, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)

2017 Artist talk at Natural History Museum, organized by Overgangszone, Maastricht (NL)

2016 Artist talk at Jan van Eyck for Marres Currents #4, Maastricht (NL)


2020 Post-industrial Lakes as New-Materialistic Memorials: Solastalgia and Terrestiality in Relation to Post-Industrial Lignite Lakes in North-Rhine Westphalia. 4000 words, published soon.

2020 Bricolage Artivism: The Entangling Abilities of Bricolage Artivism in Regards to Two Divided Lignite-Industry Activisms in North-Rhine Westphalia. 3200 words, published soon.

2020 Archeological Activism: The Material Agency of Archeological Objects in Face of Industrial Lignite Excavation. 4000 words, published soon.

2020 Moving Villages, Gazing Giants and Sunken Time Capsules: Displacement and The Recoup of Loss in North-Rhine Westphalian Lignite Industry. 3000 words, published soon.

2019 Bricolage, Bricoler, Tinker, Gobble, Do Odd Jobs, Potter About, A Rebounding Ball, A Swerving Horse. 3000 words, published soon.

Work as Freelancer in Cultural Sector

2020-present research assistant at Priscila Fernandes, Rotterdam (NL)
2018-present Co-founder and editor of artist collective/zine Nowhere, online
2018-present Guided tours and education at Garage Rotterdam (NL)
2017-2017 Set design assistant Izzy Parker Studio London (UK)
2014-2016 Volunteer Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (NL)