Announcements / current work in progress


24th of November 2019
Looiersgracht 60 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

during Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2019
With Mariam Zulfiqar (curator UP Projects London)
and Dr. Kees van Oers (ecologist, specialized in animal behavior)
Special thanks to Nadine Snijders (curator public program)

The project is the second part of ‘The transience from villages into lakes’,  accumulating around the attempted archiving of some of the ephemeral objects and phenomena characterizing the human and natural culture of the soon-to-be-excavated villages close to the excavation site of Garzweiler II. At the core of the project stands the collaboration with inhabitants of the village of Keyenberg, which gathered in order to build a virtual museum of their endangered village. By collecting the voices of the choir of Keyenberg which is already falling apart due to the relocations, the birdsongs of the current pool of birds inhabiting the landscape and the sounds of the matter itself using sensitive audio recorders an resistance meters, the newest work will consist of writing a multi-channeled score and audio-piece made of this disappearing landscape -resulting in an installation which will describe the characteristics of the place and will sadly outlive the lifespan of the village. The project is in collaboration with artist Wouter Osterholt (DE/NL) and composer Drake Stoughton (USA).

The talk is kindly supported by Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam
and part of Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019


11th of November 2019, 11:00h
Meeting point: Ponte Fabricio, Roma (IT)

14th of November 2019
MACRO Asilo - Museum for Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

15th of November until 3rd of December 2019 - Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome (IT)
23rd of April 2020: Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)

Part of the international Exploded View Project, 
special thanks to curator/partner Caterina Antonaci and curator Krien Clevis

In the performance, a 3D-printed replica of one of the oldest Janus sculptures in Rome is being transported from his original standing point on the Ponte Fabricius bridge, close to Circus Maximus, the historical beginning of the Via Appia, to the busy four-way crossing in front of the famous church Domine Quo Vadis. Here, the god of travel and transition guards the contemporary pilgrim trying to cross the road, fulfilling his role as a protecting spirit. In order to be able to see the traffic coming from all sides, he grew one additional head (four heads total) which point in the directions of the different roads. Carrying Janus from the original starting point of the Via Appia to the busy crosspoint in front of Domine Quo Vadis is also reversing the famous spiritual walk after which the church was named. The sculpture is made of a light material, emphasizing the role of Janus as the god of travel and transition. In the performance, the sculpture is being carried by a group of performers and the people joining the performance, resembling traditional spiritual rituals in Italian culture.

Exploded View is funded by the Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, AfK,
The Royal Dutch Ambassy,  amongst others.


16th of September - 7th of December 2020
Artist residency at USF Bergen, Norway

The project focusses on Norwegian oil platforms and their dubious connection with ancient narratives like the Bible and the Saga. Most of these platforms are named after heroic characters originating from these books. The choice of naming these highly polarizing industrial objects after protagonists originating from such deep-rooted cultural artifacts lead to a collaborative project in spring 2017, together with the inhabitants of the Arctic Island of Sørøya, an island close to platform ‘Goliath’. Within this first part, a video installation was realized, in which the mother of Sørøya’s ‘David’ retold the Bible story in relation to the oil platform. By returning to Norway, the second chapter of this project is started, focussing on oil platforms ‘Heidrun’ and ‘Snorre’ and their symbolic and every-day meaning to the inhabitants of the coastal city of Bergen.

Funded by Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF foundation and the Bergen Kommune fund for arts and culture