Upcoming/ Ongoing


1st of October 2020 - 1st of September 2021  
Mondriaan Fund Stipendium for Emerging Artists 
(Werkbijdrage Jong Talent) 

3rd of November 2020
Graduated cum laude from Master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (NL)
Read the thesis ‘Shifting Earth Archivers’ here.

12th of November 2020 - 16th of January 2021
Annegret Bleisteiner: Mobile versus Digital Cinema
Screening at Gallery Karin Wimmer - Digital Art Space, Munich (DE)

24th of November 2020
Loveletters to Art - A Love Letter to Pierre Huyghe’s ‘Untilled’
Publication in Lovelettersto.art,Zürich (DE)


22nd of January - 28th of February 2021
Exploded View (rescheduled)
Group Exhibition at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)

2nd of February 2021
Via Appia Walk and Talk (rescheduled)
Artist Talk at Arti et Amicitiae / Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam (NL)

5th of February 2021 
ARRG - Artistic Research Research Group
Artist Talk at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (NL)

17th of April 2021

Festival of Imagination (rescheduled)
Screening at in ENCI Marl Quarry Maastricht (NL)

16th of September - 7th of December 2021
Artist in Residence at USF - United Sardine Factory, Bergen (NO) 


February 2022
Mondriaan Fonds: Prospects
Group Exhibition at Art Rotterdam, Van Nellefabriek Rotterdam (NL)