Building an Archive
of a Disappearing Landscape, 2019

Artist publication, 52 pages
Graphic design by Lyanne Polderman
Limited edition of 15, 20 euro each (E-mail for purchase)

Texts supervised by Master Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam.


This artist publication deals with the agency of matter, transgenerational memory, and site-specificness in the context of the lignite excavation sites in the region of North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany, the birthplace of Miriam's grandfather and many generations before him. The cluster of villages he was born in was excavated in order to gain lignite, a coal used in order to produce electricity. A man-made lake is now situated on the geographical spot of his old village, resulting in his quote: ‘I was born inside a lake’. Nowadays, the excavation process is still going on, resulting in uninhabitable landscapes and 40.000 relocated inhabitants since the 1950s. The project shows the long-term and post-human consequences of these industrial excavations to all parties, placing the memory of humans, animals, and matter into the same context. In collaboration with graphic designer Lyanne Polderman, a publication was realized. This publication was printed in a limited edition of 16 and has been on view for the first time during Printing Plant Art Book Fair, Amsterdam (NL).

The publication is currently for sale for 20 euro (excl shipping costs.)
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