Limited edition of 15.
Graphic Design by Lyanne Polderman. 
Texts supervised by Master Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam, Department of Humanities (NL)

Building an Archive of a Disappearing Landscape, 2019

Artist publication, 52 pages. Graphic design by Lyanne Polderman

Building an Archive of a Disappearing Landscape is a publication, sold during the Printing Plant Art Book Fair in Amsterdam. It was published in a limited edition of 15 and designed by Lyanne Polderman. The project shows the influence of fossil fuel industry on contemporary ecosystems in the landscape, highlighting the contrary dependency on living ecosystems of the lignite industry. Starting from my grandfather’s quote ’I was born inside a lake’ and my great-grandfathers employment by the local lignite industry, the project highlights intergenerational memory-infrastructures in relation to a landscape which has been excavated by the lignite industry. By mapping the villages, the excavation pit and the woods, the project foregrounds different human and non-human voices of the landscape, placing them into a bigger Anthropogenic context. The project unfolded into two different artistic chapters; the first one (Descent into the Future, 2020) in collaboration with artist Wouter Osterholt (DE/NL), and the second one (The Chase, 2020) in collaboration with composer Drake Stoughton (USA) and ecologist Kees van Oers (NL). The thesis Shifting Earth Archivers (2020), made within the context of the project, has been developed at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam (NL).

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