Rock Monody, 2016

Audio Installation, variable dimensions.
In collaboration with opera singer Martin Reisbacher (DE)

Rock Monody during graduation show, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, The Netherlands
Thanks to Marco Jurien
and Paul Devens

Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL), Cacaofabriek Helmond (NL), Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL)

‘Rock Monody’ is a singing stone originating from the Italian Dolomites. Standing in a room painted in a shade mimicking the colour of the moss growing on the stone, the singing stone is weeping about his brutal abduction from the Abruzzian mountains, a place where he stood undisturbed for millions of years. The song the stone is singing was composed by an unknown musician from the same region in the 19th Century, and is used in this region as a Lamento, a song about grief. The song is re-performed by opera singer Martin Reisbacher. In a broader sense, the work formulates a subtile critique on the colonial gaze and the manner in which it still resonates today in the contemporary art world, resulting in the tradition of taking objects from exotic countries with oneself in order to display them upon return.

Collecting the stone. Majella Mountains, Abruzzo region, Southern Italy. Summer 2016.