The Mobile Oasis Project  (2017/2018)

Installation (ca. 320x150cm), photograph print (dibond, 118,9 x 84,1 cm)

Thanks to LWC Artist residency and Family Saetereng (NO)

Venues: RAVI Liége (BE),
KRIEG Gallery, Hasselt (BE)

exhiition documentation by Stefanie Schaut at KRIEG Gallery Hasselt (BE)

The Mobile Oasis Project’ is an installation playing with the often false educational information about exotic animals. Derriving from a photograph made in the Arctic showing two camels, the installation consists of a pop-up filling station, at which the visitor is invited to fill his waterbottle with water extracted from the hump of a camel.  These animals are, in the minds of most people, inevitably connected to the hottest places on earth. The work shines a light on the fact that they do not even originate from these regions. Long before camels roamed the desert, new evidence suggests that they lived in the frozen wilderness of northern Canada. Scientists discovered camel fossils on the island of Ellesmere, which has the same latitude as Spitsbergen.


      Photograph made on the Arctic island Sørøya, spring 2017.