The Horrific History of Erik Thorvaldsson, 2017

Sculpture (40x50x30 cm)

Special thanks to
curator Paul Devens and Klaus Sentler

Venue: Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL)

‘The Horrific History of Erik Thorvaldsson’ details the life story of the man who discovered Greenland and the dubious way in which he founded the country. Having been banished from Iceland, Erik T. sailed northward to discover a desolate and icy landscape. Unable to deal with the loneliness he experienced there, he named this island Greenland, in an effort to fool his countrymen into sailing North with him towards what they thought was a beautifully flourishing land. Twenty-four ships sailed with him, of which only twelve reached their destination. During the exhibition, the visitors were assisted in putting on a pair of fishermen gloves and reaching for his fictional travel diary in the aquarium. Due to the high water pressure, the visitor was forced to handle the book very carefully, in the same way as one would handle an important antique object.

Visitors during ‘Slow Accident’ at Niew Dakota, 2017

                      Documentation of the group exhibition ‘Slow Accident’ at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, the Netherlands