Concrete Reef

Artist Publication, 2022

Concrete Reef is a small pocket book retracing and gathering the content of a workshop that took place in various natural history museums and in a former limestone quarry( ENCI, Maastricht, NL), in March 2022. The cover represents a ‘vestzakmuseum’ from the 18th century, a collection of fossils gathered on a piece of flint. 

The workshop took place with students of the Academy of Fine Art Maastricht and in the course of it, the work Concrete Reef was made. ‘Concrete Reef’ is a site-specific sculpture designed for an artificial lake in ENCI. The sculpture consists of replicas of maritime fossils that were found in the course of the history of the 200-year old cement quarry. These were retraced in various natural history museums and replicated with marl and cement from the ENCI during a workshop with students from the Maastricht Institute of Arts. At the bottom of the ENCI lake, the will function as an artificial reef, creating a new habitat and benefiting new lifeforms in the post-modern environment.
Text & concept: Deep Time Agency (Miriam Sentler & Wouter Osterholt)
Design & illustration: Alix Chauvet (1995, CH/FR/NL)

Size & Binding: 9,5 x 13,5 cm, glue-bound
Paper: Coloured paper, 120 grams
Riso-printed at: Terry Bleu Amsterdam
Hand-bound by: Boekbinderij Seugling, AGIA Print Amsterdam, NL
First edition: 50 copies
Funded by: Stichting Niemeijer Fund, NL
Presented at: Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam, Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, NL


Page out of the children book, 2023

Pages and detail shots out of Concrete Reef, 2022

Page out of Concrete Reef, 2022

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