Finding a route through uninhabitable land (2017)
Artist publication, Graphic design by Lyanne Polderman,
with the generous support of Museumnacht Maastricht and the NHMM

limited edition of sixteen, 16,4 cm x 11 cm. Folded out: 16,4 cm x 100 cm


Finding a route through uninhabitable land (2018) is a printed artist publication, made during a research period at the Natural History Museum Maastricht in early 2018. While working in the archives, I felt inspired by the transience of the maps and notes which accompanied the stored objects, unreadable due to humility, handwriting or simply age. Although it was not intented, the paper was in an equal way preserved as the objects themselves. The work shows the transience from two maps depicting rough landscapes; The Himalaya Mountains and the Amazone rainforest. By copying the maps over and over again, only the most dominant lines on the paper remain and thus form a fictional route through these remote places. By printing the different steps made during the process in the form of a Leporello, the original map slowly disappears into abstraction and transforms into a fictional path through these areas.