Is Anybody Listening, 2016

Video installation, variable dimensions

Is Anybody Listening during Graduation Show, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016.
Thanks to all  participants

Venues: MKE Barcsay Hall, Budapest (HU), Media Art Festival Friesland (NL) Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL)

‘Is Anybody Listening’ is a video installation which combines window views and favourite songs from people around the world. During the year 2016, people had the opportunity to participate in this project by sending in a short video of their window view, recorded while their favourite song was playing in the same room. The open call was launched via social media, enabling a large audience to take part in the project. The result is a selected collection of videos with an identical approach while being aesthetically different from each other, granting the viewer an intimate insight into the daily home situations of complete strangers around the globe. By playing these videos in pairs of two on four screens, a skyline becomes visible and the separate videos act like one city. By sequencing the gathered material into a continiuous loop, the videos all run simultaneously, but the songs are never played at the same time. By doing so, the audience is invited to walk around the room, following the sound. The project shows the impact music and text have on a landscape when experienced together, but is also inspired by the way memories are often connected to music and the desire of seeing the whole world at once when looking out of the window.