Planktos Rising in textile sleeve, made from the samples of the tapestry Fossil Fuel Mnemosyne: Oil & Myth (2022)

Planktos Rising

Children’s Book/ Artist Publication, 2023

Planktos Rising recounts the journey of a plankton named Planktos who meets many inhabitants of the North Sea. Through their conversations, he learns about a mythical material of great influence on their environment: oil. Using colorful and tactile imagery, the book introduces children to the strange relationships between mythology and fossil fuel, making up the basis for universal thinking that is needed to discuss the topic of the climate crisis.

The limited edition of this children’s book will be on sale for the first time at Bergen Art Book Fair (BABF) 2023. During the round table talk on Saturday the 15th of april at 14.00, Miriam and Alix will talk about the elaborate making process of the book. The publication is inspired by a tapestry, made by Miriam Sentler and woven at the Textielmuseum Tilburg. The research of the project took place during two residencies in oil production landscapes: one at Knockvologan Studies in Scotland, UK and the other at the United Sardine Factory (USF) in Bergen, NO.
Planktos Rising forms a collaboration of visual artist Miriam Sentler (1994, DE/NL/NO) and graphic designer Alix Chauvet (1995, CH/FR/NL). 

Text & concept: Miriam Sentler (1994, DE/NL)
Design & illustration: Alix Chauvet (1995, CH/FR/NL)

Size & Binding: 18 X 40 cm, spiral-bound
Font: Caliste, Emilie Rigaud
Paper: So wool, Igepa, 250 gms
Riso-printed at: Terry Bleu Amsterdam
Hand-bound by: the artists
First edition: 25 copies (sold out)
Funded by: the Creatieve Industries Fund NL
Presented at: BABF (Bergen Art Book Fair) 2023, Kunsthall Bergen (NO)
Collection: Fine Art & Design Library, KMD Bergen (NO)


Cover and backside children’s book Planktos Rising, 2023

Page out of the children book, 2023

Page out of the children book, 2023

Textile sleeve Planktos Rising, 2023

Pages and detail shots out of Planktos Rising, 2023

Textile sleeves Planktos Rising, 2023

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